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Would You Like A Job Application With Your Fries?

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CARY — With the arrival of summertime, teenagers are looking for jobs. For most, they don't have to look far -- teenage workers are in high demand this year.

Some teens report they landed a job at their first interview, others say they actually found two jobs.

As summer approaches, the competition for help has heated up so much it has led to new gimmicks to find workers.

McDonald's hopes filling orders will also help them fill vacant positions.

Job application forms are included with every Big Mac and fries.

Historically low unemployment rates are hitting employers such as fast food restaurants especially hard.

Wake County has the second lowest unemployment rate in the state at 1.3 percent.

The only place with a lower rate is Orange County at 1.1 percent.

With numbers that low, some employers are paying the price.

"I've gotten calls from fast food managers who have had to close down an evening shift because they can't get enough staffing -- or they'll keep just the window open," says Employment Security Commission Manager Michael Travernise.

Travernise says employers not only have to be flexible with hours and offer more benefits to students this summer, they also have to worry about other businesses stealing their workers away.

"They just might make an offer on the spot -- 'What will it take for you to come work for me?'" Travernise says.

And with that sort of market, most teenagers looking for a job should have an experience similar to Celia Urquhart's.

"I just sort of walked in and they needed somebody. They were kind of desperate."