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Police Discover Two Shooting Victims at Durham Junkyard

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DURHAM — Investigators made a horrifying discovery at a Durham County junkyard Friday night. Two shooting victims were found in a car; one dead, the other severely hurt.

"We received a call about an abandoned vehicle," says Capt. John Flamion with the Durham Sheriff's Department. "Further investigation revealed that two people had been shot. One was life-flighted out, the other was deceased on the scene."

The two black males were found inside the car. Investigators gathered as much information as they could, but they do not have much to go on.

"We do not know the names of the victims, or have any suspects at this time," Flamion said.

Jan White lives across the street from the junkyard, and says she noticed the car around 4 p.m. and thought it was strange.

"The way it was pulled in was [strange], like it was pulled in, in a hurry," White said.

White says she will be more aware of what is going on since the murder was so close.

"It's pretty scary," she said. "Especially when you have a little boy that plays in the yard a lot, and something like that happens so close."

The junkyard where the bodies were found is a steadily traveled area, so there is a good chance that somebody saw what happened.

Police urge anyone with information to call the Durham Sheriff's office.