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Bees Set Fayetteville Home Abuzz

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FAYETTEVILLE — A swarm of bees turned a Fayetteville home into a hive Tuesday. Phelix Hailey thought he could get rid of the bees on his own. He threw bleach on them, a big mistake.

"I was like, 'Oh god, what have I done? What have I done?" Hailey says. "I tried to get some help. I called 911; the police said there was nothing they could do."

So 79-year-old Beekeeper Roland Horne was brought in to do the dirty work. Horne says the only solution is to get the queen bee, then the other bees will follow.

With burning pine straw and a man-made hive, Horne went to work. Horne used the pine straw smoke to get the bees off the house.

"I got down what bees I could get from the outside. They were balled up, there's a fine swarm of them," Horne says. "I mean that's a nice colony of bees."

After about thirty minutes of hard work, the beekeeper finally got the queen bee. Slowly but surely all the bees followed the queen into the man-made hive.

Horne did not make it through the battle without a few wounds.

"I got stung about a dozen times," Horne says. "I got stung on my legs here, my knees and once on my hip...and a couple of times on the hand."

Horne says he thinks he went home with 40-50,000 bees. He expects them to bring him about 20 quarts of honey.

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