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Potential Meth Lab Uncovered in Raleigh

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RALEIGH — Local and federal officials have busted what they believe is a home-made methamphetamine lab; the drug is fairly cheap to make, but the designer high can bring in big bucks.

Investigators suspect one of the apartments at Morgan and Snow Streets, right across from St. Mary's, was being used as a home methamphetamine lab.

They have not yet released the name of the man who lives in the apartment, and say they will not release his name unless charges are filed.

They will say the chemicals they seized are extremely volatile and that it was an explosion that tipped them off.

Residents say a powerful blast rocked the building over the weekend. "They could realize it was some type of explosion," says resident Anthony Oliver. "And there was a guy who stays in that apartment, he was on the floor on the street and he had like all third-degree burns on his face."

A 14-hour raid at the downtown apartment complex uncovered barrels of potential evidence. Investigators loaded the chemicals on to a truck for testing.

They suspect the materials are part of the illegal drug operation. Lawmen describe the contents of the home as dangerous and potentially explosive if mishandled.

In April 1998,SBIagents raided a suspected methamphetamine lab in Fayetteville; investigators there also seized drums of evidence. An environmental team was called in to shut down the potentially explosive home laboratory there.