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Parents Meeting To Allow Input On Johnston County Reassignment

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. — The Johnston County Board of Education will hold a parents meeting this week about a

proposed redistricting plan

that would shift students to fill two new schools set to open in the fall.

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    Parents, such Allison Prescott and Sam Autry, will be able to share their thoughts and concerns at a meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday at McGee's Crossroads Elementary School.

    "When they're starting to pull children out of schools like they're proposing to do, it's really going to dissect our community," said Prescott, who currently lives less than two miles from West Clayton Elementary School where her child attends.

    Under the current reassignment proposal, Prescott's child would be sent to Cleveland Elementary School, almost 10 miles away. Prescott, as well as other parents, want their children to stay in class with their friends and do not like the idea of sending them so far from home.

    "I work part-time," Autry said. "I've got to get my child to school and then come back to Clayton. I mean, there's not going to be time to do that."

    But school officials said that while the plan may not necessarily be positive for all parents, it is necessary.

    "This proposal will be somewhat of a relief for us just in terms of making sure that our students have a seat," said Johnston County Schools spokeswoman Crystal Roberts.

    Autry and Prescott argue there are other ways to keep up with school system growth.

    Roberts said nothing is yet absolute and board of education members want to hear more feedback at the upcoming parent meetings before voting on the plan in February.


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