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Will Bombs Burst Your Travel Plans?

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RALEIGH — With theCrisis in Kosovo, many people are worried about traveling to Europe. There are also other international hotspots that cause concern.

Yugoslavia is fairly close to vacation spots in Greece and Italy. The State Department says it is safe to go there, but not everyone wants to take the chance.

Kevin Kennedy had planned the honeymoon of a lifetime -- a cruise to Greece and Turkey. However, he decided to change his plans when NATO decided to attack Yugoslavia.

"We just started saying that's too close for comfort. Maybe we shouldn't do this," Kennedy said.

"If I had a choice, I'd probably not go there right now," says Cindy Wilson, a travel agent in north Raleigh.

Wilson says although theU.S. State Departmenthas put out an announcement about possible dangers in Greece, it has not issued a warning against going there.

However, she understood why a group of teenagers from a local church decided to cancel its trip to Rome this week.

"You know, just being in that same area of Europe, so close to the fighting, I think they were justified in being worried," Wilson said.

Not all travel agents are being that cautious. Phil Kraemer is planning to travel to Italy himself. He believes tour companies would be the ones to cancel if there were legitimate concerns.

"They have people who live in the areas where the tours go," says Kraemer, "so they are close to what's going on and if there were any problems, they would let their companies know about it, and they would cancel the tour."

Anyone who wants to know whether a country is safe, you should contact the U.S. State Department. The phone number is202-647-5225.