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Some Cary Residents Mad About Pipe Break

Posted May 1, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Some Cary residents are furious that the town knew about a broken water pipe but did nothing about it until the pipe burst last Sunday. Town officials acknowledge they knew about the leak but couldn't fix it because they didn't know exactly where it was.

The break forced the closure of a section of Cary Parkway and left nearby residents without water for 24 hours. The Cary Parkway re-opened in its entirety Saturday.

"I think if they knew about it and didn't fix it, they should get somebody else in their place, we don't need 'em," said Dyal Abbott, a Cary resident affected by the break.

People who live near the broken pipe lost water service for about a day. For three days after water came back, residents had to boil it before they could drink it as a precaution against bacteria.

Residents in Cary and several nearby towns were also under a ban against watering outside while the pipe was being put back on line.