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Suspect Fires Shots at Raleigh Police

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RALEIGH — Police cars swarmed the scene on Yonkers Road near the beltline in Raleigh Tuesday morning, and officers ducked for cover to avoid the gunfire.

Police have not yet released the suspect's name in the case. They say he has several aliases.

The shooting started about 11 a.m. Tuesday. Police say they were responding to a domestic dispute when the suspect called a cab and left the house. They caught up with that cab on Yonkers Road.

Police say the suspect then got out of the car and began firing at them.

"I heard three or four pops, and your immediate first thought is 'Who's blowing off firecrackers?'" said Dan Zahnow.

But it was not firecrackers. Bullets were flying just feet away from Zahnow.

"The subject in the cab got out of the cab and fired at the police officers. They returned fire. The officers are not injured. The suspect has a slight injury to his head," explained Major R.E. Deaton of theRaleigh Police Department.

A bullet through a police car windshield and another that busted out the cab window marks the fourth time this month Raleigh police have been in the line of fire.

Just two days ago, an officer was lucky to only be grazed in the hand after a suspect grabbed his gun during an arrest on Poole Road.

Police say Eldrewin Baine was arrested a few weeks ago after he popped out of a limousine sunroof and opened fire on officers.

On April 9, Raleigh police were trying to arrest one suspect when two other people started firing in their direction.

No one was hurt, but the suspects are still on the loose.

Raleigh police say that so far, no one has been seriously injured this year, but they know that might not always be the case.

"It makes people cautious. It makes people appreciate the training that they have gotten," said Raleigh Police Capt. Michael Longmire.

The suspect in Tuesday's case was grazed in the head. He was treated atWake Medical Center.


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