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Raleigh Police Continue Cracking Down on Alcohol Violations

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RALEIGH — Southeast Raleigh residents want to kick crime to the curb. They say convenience stores are a magnet for illegal activities.

Law officers listened to their concerns Monday and have come up with a plan to do something about the stores.

The plan is to keep doing what they have been doing. Cracking down on alcohol violations at southeast Raleigh convenience stores.

The idea is that sometimes the problem is not just people but property.

Store owner Cleon Gibbs says he is not part of the problem. The problem is southest Raleigh convenience stores that police and politicians say are magnets for crime.

"As long as you have got ID and money and you come in here and buy alcohol, what goes on after that, I can't control that," said Gibbs.

But some people say store owners who do not control their customers are the problem.

"It should not matter where you live in this state to be safe in your own home and to be able to walk in your neighborhood and do what you want to do," said Richard Moore,N.C. Crime Control and Public Safetysecretary.

Moore says a push to enforce alcohol violations at southeast Raleigh stores is helping clean up the neighborhoods. Some of the neighbors say there is more work to be done.

"In my neighborhood, there is a business that sells alcohol, and it's on the same street as a day care center. This is just not good," said resident Ella Clark.

Gibbs says he has a simple solution. He wants Raleigh police to park a squad car in front of his store. He says that will stop some of the related crime.

The authorities say handing out alcohol violations is the way to go.


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