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Liverite: Does New Supplement Prevent Hangovers or Promote Drinking?

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RALEIGH — Local college campuses are trying to put the lid on binge drinking, but a supplement on the market that could make that tricky.

Called Liverite, the supplement claims to prevent hangovers and contains ingredients like vitamins and amino acids. While it seems harmless, the bigger question is, does it promote drinking?

"I think the only person that promotes heavier drinking is people who like to drink heavily."

A recent ad inThe TechnicianN.C. State'scampus newspaper, encourages students to party at The Cantina and sample Liverite for hangover prevention and cure.

The ad, paid for by the makers of Liverite, claims you can drink all you want, take some pills and you'll feel fine.

But Elias Godoy, owner of The Cantina, does not see it that way.

"I don't believe they're out there trying to break into the binge drinking market," says Godoy. "I believe there a company thats trying to help people, not trying to get people intoxicated."

The product also claims to help people with different liver diseases. But does it even work?

"There's nothing here that has any sort of protective affect on the liver," says Dr. Allen mask, WRAL Health Team medical expert. "I'm concerned that this medication may give individuals a false sense of security in drinking."

But some people swear by it.

"Some of my employees have tried it and some of the people who come in here on a regular basis have tried it and I've heard nothing but good things about it," says Godoy.

One thing to keep in mind about the supplement is that it does not fall under the scrutiny of theFederal Drug Administration, so the company can make all the claims it wants to.

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