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Cumberland Couple Can Relate to Families of Colorado Victims

Posted April 20, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A Cumberland County couple knows exactly what the families of the Littleton, Colorado victims are going through. They also buried a child, killed by a classmate.

Wayne and Angie Eggleston say they could not sleep last night after hearing about the Colorado high school shooting rampage.

"When you lose someone it's forever, and forever is a long time," Wayne Eggleston said. "And I don't think these kids understand that."

A lot of people are asking if anyone other than the Colorado killers should be held responsible for their behavior. The parents of the victims in the Colorado case believe if it is commonly known around school that a group of kids is extremely weird or bizarre, and the school does not actively investigate, then they should be held partly responsible.

"One cannot imagine what it's like to lose a child until you have been through it, but it's like losing literally part of yourself," Angie Eggleston said.

Chris Eggleston was killed by his classmate, Matthew Myers. Myers says he was part of an isolated high school group who almost always wore black and were fascinated with vampires.

Like the Colorado shooters, Myers' group was laughed at and ridiculed by classmates. The Egglestons believe these are warning signs of kids who may be potentially violent.

That is why they have filled a civil suit against the Cumberland County school system. The Eggleston's believe administrators could have intervened and possibly prevented their child's murder.

"If nobody's watching really close, then when you send your child out the door to go to school and you can't protect them while they're in school, then you're leaving their safety to just chance," Wayne Eggleston said.

The Egglestons offer advice for grieving parents.

"I know a support group that Wayne and I attend has helped us tremendously, but with the community getting involved with those parents, I think that will help as well," Angie Eggleston said.

"A lot of prayers need to be said for these parents and these children who survived," Wayne Eggleston said.

Myers was convicted of second-degree murder in a plea agreement. A female member of the high school group, who is also charged in the killing, is scheduled for a June trial.