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Seniors Prove You are as Young as You Feel

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POPE AIR FORCE BASE — So you say you are too tired to exercise; you just do not have the energy. Well, there is a group of seniors that could inspire you and, perhaps, put you to shame.

At the Mid-Carolina Senior Olympics, participants are not 55 and older; they are 55 and better!

Alfonso Day, 80, can keep up with someone half his age. He is participating in four events.

"At age 80, I don't have too much competition," says Day. "So I figure that I can outrun any 80-year-old, jump farther. I've seen some of these 80-year-old people and I think I'm in just as good shape as they are."

These seniors are from Harnett, Cumberland and Sampson Counties. If they win a medal, they will head to the state finals this fall.

Organizers and athletes will tell you, that medals are not what these games are all about.

"It's a matter of supporting each other and doing something to promote wellness and physical fitness and to encourage each other. It's something that comes from the heart," says Carolyn Tracy, of the Agency on Aging.

Julia Manigo, 70, kept on track even with a sore ankle. She says track and field events keep her healthy.

"And at my age, I think you better keep trying. My heart and my high blood pressure, it keeps it all down," she says.

Julia fell during her race, but got up and kept running.

The oldest participant is 100 years old and will compete in three events.

The games will continue over the next two weeks.