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School Violence: Are Local Students Safe?

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RALEIGH — Every time there is a school shooting somewhere else, local school leaders are forced to evaluate what kind of protection they provide for their children.

Dr. Del Burns, principal atMillbrook High School, said he turned white as a sheet when he heard the news of the shooting.

He says that Millbrook, as well as the other schools in Wake County, are as prepared as they can be to handle this type of tragedy.

"I'm very sad and shocked that there has been another situation in a school where students have been injured," Burns said.

Burns says the threat of violence is always on his mind. From his office, he monitors 16 surveillance cameras in and around the high school.

He also said that a security officer on a bike patrols the school from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and that there is always a sworn police officer somewhere on the grounds.

If a major incident like the one in Colorado were to happen, Burns said there is a plan in place to deal with it.

"In extreme situations, we are able to notify our faculty members through one all-call announcement to close and lock there doors, and keep their kids in the classroom until they are told that it is safe for them to come out," Burns said.

Burns said he hopes they never have to use that security measure. Wake County's school security director says all 13 schools in the county have the same security as Millbrook.