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Franklin Graham's Ministry Builds Refugee Camp in Albania

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ALBANIA — A relief organization with ties to North Carolina is doing all it can for the Kosovar refugees.Samaritan's Purse, led by Franklin Graham, is based in Boone, but some of its members are far away in Kosovo.

Less than a mile from the Adriatic Sea in the southern Albanian countryside, they look like farmers, but they are actually "Good Samaritans."

The bulldozer just arrived on a tract of land that has ties to North Carolina. The ministry of Billy Graham's son is building a refugee camp there.

"Franklin is the boss, and he is 100 percent in support of this. Whatever resources we want, he will provide so that this will be the best camp in the country run by Samaritan's Purse," said the field representative for the relief organization.

They are just clearing the land and digging drainage ditches, but the plans are big.

"That's going to be 2,000 or so tents along with all of the services that are needed for that. We're looking at hospitals, schools and security. Just think of a city for 10,000. What does it need?" said the field representative.

Workers from a nearby village are desperate for work, and there is plenty of it with the ambitious plans. The workers are earning about $5 a day.

"What we like about what Americans are doing here is that they are trying to help the Kosovar refugees, and at the same time, they are trying to help us Albanias by giving us employment," said one worker.

The Kosovar refugees are crammed into camps. For some, it is barely survivable.

The ministry of Franklin Graham is trying to help them and their Albanian hosts.


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