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Taking a Swing at Bulls Baseball and a Free Steak

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DURHAM — The Triangle's favorite summer pastime is swinging into action. TheDurham Bullskick off their season against the Richmond Braves Thursday night.

WRAL's Tracy Wilson took a swing at baseball stardom during the Bull's Media Day on Tuesday.

Media Day is a chance for the baseball player inside every sports reporter to prove they could have been a draft pick.

But Tracy says inside this feature reporter is a new mother who just wants to rip the cover off the ball!

Little Christian is a little upset; perhaps not used to seeing his mom in pinstripes and holding a bat. He will change his tune when mom wins a steak dinner.

Tracy aims for the big bull down left field which promises a free steak to anyone who hits it. Her best hit does not make it that far. It is amazing how far away that big blue wall is when you are beside home plate.

Well beyond her three outs, Tracy takes to the field to play defense. A good sport, she cheers on the next batter.

"Hey batter, batter, batter. Hey that's a pretty good hit," screams Tracy.

She did not win a steak and Christian did not like seeing his mom miss easy pop flies.

If catching is more your thing, you can win out at the ballpark this season. Fans who come to the DBAP can score free loot from a hot dog shaped launcher that shoots out prizes.

If you are on the ball, you can make off with a free meal or a shirt to take home with you.