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Kidnapping Victim IDs Juvenile Suspect, Police Release Him

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FAYETTEVILLE — A pizza delivery person is robbed at knife point and forced into the trunk of his car. He says he knows who did it, but the suspect is not behind bars.

The victim identified one of his attackers, a juvenile. Police questioned that juvenile, but they say they could not charge him, because their hands were tied.

Friday night, Christopher Berry was working his second job as a pizza deliverer when three men attacked him from behind as he was walking back to his car.

The attackers put a knife to his throat and robbed him.

They then locked the Fort Bragg paratrooper in the trunk of his car and drove around for almost an hour before finally letting him out.

"I was really, really glad to be alive. The first thing on my mind was to get to the nearest phone and call 911 and get the incident reported as quick as possible," Berry explained.

Berry identified one of his kidnappers, but police eventually released the 15-year-old and did not charge him.

Berry says he finds it hard to believe that a suspect in his robbing and kidnapping could be back on the streets the same night he was questioned.

"It's upsetting, and it's also kind of scary because they are on the street and can do it again. But, I can understand where the police were coming from, because their hands were tied pretty much the whole investigation," said Berry.

Police confirm that they did question the teenager and released him.

The victim says the police told him they have to get permission from juvenile court before they actually charge him.

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