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Latest Accident Has Neighbors Concerned for Safety

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — A truck accident in Cumberland County Thursday evening nearly killed five people. And it could have been worse. The truck just missed a house.

Now people who live along the two-block stretch of Parkton Road near Hope Mills say this happens way too often and they fear for their lives.

"The driver had hit the mailbox and if he hadn't had control I guess he almost could have come this way," said Lynn Byrnes, a homeowner in the area. "So it was very scary last night. I couldn't get it off my mind all day."

Byrnes is talking about the truck that almost crashed into her home last night while she and her little girl Lindsey were inside.

But it's not the first time. Almost everyone who lives on this stretch has had the same experience.

"I've had one car flip over here that we're still trying to get cleaned up the gas that leaked out," said Brian Sharpe, a homeowner in the area. "And we've had another lady whose Bronco jumped our driveway. There's been a motorcycle flipped over, and a car over in this gentleman's yard across the street."

Residents in this neighborhood say the speed limit here was set at 55, but that was before the subdivision was built.

Now, kids can't even play in their front yards, because their parents are afraid a driver will lose control.

The people who live here say what makes this section of Parkton Road especially dangerous is it's really an S-curve so no matter which way someone comes from, they face a dangerous curve where you can easily lose control.

Residents say they've contactedDepartment of Transportationworkers and county officials, but both say they can't do anything to make it safer.


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