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Ordinance Offers New Window on Downtown Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE — TheCity of Fayettevilleis working hard to spruce up its image; new buildings and apartments are sprouting up all over. Now there is a move to give some old, abandoned buildings a new look.

When people drive through the city's historic district, they see new businesses and development, and several boarded up buildings.

At the request of the Historic Resource Commission, the city council passed a new ordinance to paint a prettier picture for folks passing through.

Beginning April 5, property owners will be fined $100 a day if they do not replace their boarded up windows with glass.

"When you have window glass in place of boarded up windows, it reflects a downtown that's alive and flourishing," says Historic Properties Manager Bruce Daws.

The city inspections department sent out 57 notices warning building owners about the new ordinance. Officials say if the owners do not comply, they will seek a court order to try and get the work done.

Some owners would rather see a crackdown on a case by case basis. But as the deadline approaches, they are already making changes.

"When you are hitting someone in the pocket book, people really pay attention and this gives support to us when we say 'Will you please do it?'" said Development Specialist Elinor Luse.

Revitalization leaders say the ordinance will make the downtown more attractive. They expect it will help them recruit new businesses too.

The city's inspections director says he will start fining delinquent property owners as soon as the ordinance goes into effect.