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After 3 Weekend Robberies, NCCU Students Call for Better Security

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DURHAM — There were three armed robberies on the NCCU campus this weekend. Tuesday, students said they do not feel safe there, and want the school to do something about it.

Students say these kinds of crimes have happened to them before, and will continue to happen on the campus until security gets a lot tighter.

"He just grabbed something off the dresser and took off running. The other guys were still standing in the hallway," says Darron Wilks, who was just a freshman when four young men robbed him in his dorm room in Chidley Hall.

Wilks is now a sophomore, and in the past year, he says he has seen too many friends of his get robbed.

"The security we have now is poor," Wilks said. "I wouldn't tell anybody to come here, and I go here."

Campus police say during this past weekend, three armed robberies happened near the football stadium. Each time, police say two to three suspects armed with a shotgun robbed a student. They do not believe the robbers are students themselves.

"The area which victims traveled was somewhat lit, but there were dark areas and that was the cover for these particular assailants at that time," says Lt. Victor Ingram with the NCCU Police Department.

Wilks says security lights and locked dorms are not enough. He contends that something needs to be done to keep the off-campus criminals from getting on-campus.

"We're paying all this money to stay in these dorms and get our education, and we're getting robbed - that's stopping us from getting an education," Wilks said.

Wilks says he would like to see some kind of barrier around the campus. As for right now, campus police want students to be on guard after dark, walk in groups and ride the campus shuttle.

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