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Raleigh Resident Fights Kosovo Battle on Two Fronts

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RALEIGH — War is never easy, or simple, particularly when loved ones are involved. For one local man, the war over Kosovo is troubling on two fronts.

Raleigh resident Gary Milkovich watches and worries as the U.S. continues air strikes on Yugoslavia. While he has never been there, the second-generation Serb is concerned about the welfare of his relatives, with whom he cannot get in touch.

Admittedly biased in the Kosovo conflict, Milkovich has strong feelings about the air strikes. "Clinton is saying Milosovich can stop the bombs. I'm saying Clinton can stop the bombs," Milkovich says.

He says President Clinton has violated international law by attacking a sovereign state for the first time in NATO's history.

As a former Marine who once volunteered to fight in Vietnam, he also feels betrayed by the country he served.

"I was part of that American thing, you know. I believed in this. I bought into it whole-heartedly and all of a sudden the carpet's pulled out from under me," Milkovich says.

Milkovich believes the Serbs and Albanians should be allowed to work out their own problems. And he wonders how many innocent women and children will die before the bombing stops.

"Mr. Clinton's idea is bombs are going to make all this stop," Milkovich says. He disagrees, "Bombs are going to make it worse."

Milkovich wants to make it clear he does not condone the actions of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosovich. However Milkovich says Serbs, by nature, are a stubborn people. And he does not see Milosovich backing down any time soon.

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