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Holly Springs Dumps Landfill Issue on Residents

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HOLLY SPRINGS — Holly Springs residents pleaded with Wake County not to build a landfill in their town. Now, they're pleading for the town's support in fighting the county's decision to go ahead with the plan anyway.

A citizens group has waged a year-long battle against the plan to put a 190 acre landfill near their homes. Residents challenged town leaders again Tuesday night to join their fight against the South Wake landfill.

They came armed with 1,500 signatures collected from their neighbors, who all believe the town should sue Wake County.

"My heart is with you," says Town Commissioner Ken Martin. "But my head says it's not the thing to do at this point."

Town Commissioners voted not to file a lawsuit, citing the cost and the possibility that the county could retaliate by withholding services.

"We believe that this was exactly the way the vote was going to go," says Lesli Doares, a Holly Springs resident. "We were hoping that the more than 1,500 signatures by the citizens of Holly Springs would have swayed them."

While Holly Springs residents decide what their next step will be, the county is moving forward. Crews could begin clearing trees from the landfill site in just a few weeks. If residents want to stop the project, they'll have to act quickly.

"We cannot continue to wait. People still generate garbage, it's still got to go somewhere, and we've got to meet our deadline that's in our plan," says Rick Rowe, Environmental Services Director.

Town commissioners also voted not to appeal the construction permit the state issued for the landfill. Residents have the option of filing that appeal on their own. They say that could be their next step.