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Former Roxboro Police Investigator Charged With Planting Drugs

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ROXBORO — A former investigator in the Roxboro Police Department is under investigation himself. Snapper Grubbs was charged with three felonies involving planting evidence on suspects.

The Roxboro district attorney charged Grubbs with planting crack cocaine on two suspects. Both incidents allegedly occurred during drug raids; one in November and another one last month.

Former suspect Willie Palmer says Grubbs kicked in his door and then while other officers searched the place, tried to slip two crack cocaine rocks into his pocket.

"I was standing here and he tried to search me, and he tried to slip the two rocks in my pocket," Palmer said. "I told him to get off me and said 'What's wrong with you?'"

Grubbs quit the force shortly after an SBI investigation started. When the investigation ended, the DA charged Grubbs with planting evidence, planting crack cocaine on Palmer and a second Roxboro man.

"It creates all types of problems," says DA Joel Brewer. "It creates mistrust from the public. It certainly is very serious."

"I don't have any trust in any of them now," Palmer said. "After this right here, it makes me feel that there are plenty of other people locked up that were in the same situation."

Grubbs was released on $30,000 bond. The investigation began after other officers in the Roxboro department went to their superiors with questions about Grubbs' actions.