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Luigi's to Be Re-Opened, Dedicated to Slain Owners

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FAYETTEVILLE — Luigi's in Fayetteville has a Jeckyl and Hyde reputation. It has got some of the best food customers will find anywhere. But back 1993, the owners and two customers were gunned down by a Fort Bragg soldier.

Now, Luigi's is undergoing a face-lift not to erase the past but to honor its victims.

The restaurant is just a few weeks away from re-opening as the new Luigi's. The slain couple's children are dedicating the new restaurant to the memory of their parents.

A new era for Luigi's restaurant is about to begin but that does not mean the past will be forgotten. Luigi's original owners Pete and Ethel Parrous and two customers were gunned down inside the restaurant back in 1993.

"It's sad, and it's happy. Sad because Mr. and Mrs. Parrous are not here to see the progress but happy that we are moving forward," said Tony Kotsopoulos.

For the past six years, the victims' children have kept the restaurant open. Two months ago, construction started, and the kitchen closed.

The restaurant that is a staple in Fayetteville is getting a new look, but the owners are not erasing the past. Customers will get a first-hand look at the rich family tradition.

"What we've done is gone through a number of old photographs taking them all and enlarging them. Now, we're going to be using it as one of the major themes for the restaurant," said Nick Parrous.

The Parrous' say their father would be proud of the new restaurant.

"He just always taught us to be the best you can be, and that's what we're striving to do. We're very excited about it, and we feel their presence in everything that we've done," said Linda Parrous.

"Probably Mr. Parrous would say we're spending too much money, but they would be very happy," said Kotsopoulos.

The Parrous' killer is currently serving three life terms plus 35 years for the murders.

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