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Duke Hosts Forum About Redefining Campus Life

Posted March 6, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— The road to spring break has become a bumpy one for some area college students.

Hundreds of students got stuck atRaleigh-Durham International AirportSunday.

One flight to Cancun was delayed eight hours because the airport in that city couldn't handle all the incoming air traffic.

Other students got a double whammy -- their tour company gave them the wrong departure information so they had to be bused from RDU to Charlotte to make their flight.

"I think it would be good advice for any student planning spring break trips to make sure of the travel and tour company they're dealing with," suggested RDU spokesman Mike Blanton, "and to double check on all the information as far as flight departures because a lot of these are chartered flights, they're not commercial flights."

Airport officials also hope students traveling for spring break will have patience.