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Man Arrested for Impersonating Officer

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ROXBORO — He looked and acted like a police officer. He even drove a car with a siren. But authorities in Person County say the man they arrested is no cop.

Sheriff's deputies picked up Kevin Kinder Saturday morning.

For Kinder, his alleged impersonation involved the wrong person.

For an off-duty Roxboro police officer, it was a strange experience.

A siren wailed, the lights flashed. At first glance, the officer thought it was a real police car behind him. Then a Nissan Maxima forced him off the road.

The officer realized this was no deputy sheriff's car, and quickly drove away to call for help.

Trooper Brian Regan heard the call and remembered pulling the car over before, and seeing the PA system and the scanner.

Trooper Bobby Regan helped police arrest the suspect less than one hour after the incident. But deputies still don't know what Kinder's motive was.

They also aren't sure if Kinder has tried to impersonate an officer before, so they are asking anyone who has experienced something like this to call the Person County sheriff's department.

Law officers advise that if a car with blue lights tries to pull you over and it seems suspicious, you should drive to a well-lit area, and ask for identification.

Also, get a good description of the car if you can.

That's what helped in this case.


Todd Hauer, Reporter
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