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New Adult Day Care Addresses Concerns of Caregivers

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RALEIGH — More and more North Carolinians are looking for a place to care for an aging family member. As the number of facilities grows, so do the options.

The demand for adult day care centers is great. In 1988, 88 facilities existed across the state. In a few weeks,Rex HealthCarewill open the 111th facility in North Carolina.

As the supply of adult day care for seniors increases, caregivers are demanding more. So Rex HealthCare asked them exactly what they wanted.

Caregivers like Jan Cash want more options. One of those is to get a much needed break.

"It's very difficult. Believe me, it's very difficult," says Cash, who cares for an aging family member in her home.

She says vacations and time away are hard to come by.

"If those folks are here every single day, you don't have to worry about getting a relief," says Cash.

The opening of the Rex Adult Day Care Center may be just what the doctor ordered. The facility will be available 24 hours a day and on weekends.

The center also addresses another major concern -- transportation to and from the facility.

"Either because of limitations or because their main support person, their caregiver, has other responsibilities going to work commuting," says Tom Ford, Rex Healthcare's administrative director.

Senior advocates hope this center will be serve as a model for adult day care.

"This is the only facility that's built specifically to be an adult day care center," says Ford.

The center not only offers social activities for seniors, but medical staff will also be on hand.