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Officers Stepping Up Patrol on Harnett County Roads

Posted February 27, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— A ticket or a deadly accident. If you speed along two of North Carolina's deadliest roads, you could face one or the other.

Highway 210 is getting busier everyday, and as a result N.C. Highway Patrol troopers who patrol the areas say it is one of the two most dangerous highways in Harnett County.

But troopers are working hard to make it safer for drivers.

Hills, curves, and risky passing. Just add some water to the surface of Highway 210, and you've got a deadly mixture.

"We have some bad wrecks, especially when it rains," said trooper Richard Capps. "The visibility's not good, there are very few passing zones on that road and people tend to get impatient on Highway 210."

Capps said he and his fellow troopers have been to the scenes of many accidents on that road. And they have been to many more on Highway 87, where speed is also a problem.

"You accompany that with a high volume of traffic, especially in the mornings and in the evenings, and we've had some very bad wrecks out there," said Capps.

But now, even though drivers may not see them, troopers are watching over both highways.

"We're writing more speeding tickets, and really paying attention to seatbelts and any other violations we find down there," said Capps.

The crackdown has netted some impressive results. So far this year, accidents with injuries on Highway 87 are down 37 percent. On Highway 210, they are down about 20 percent.

"The year's not over, but we'll continue to do the best we can and continue to pay emphasis down there," said Capps.