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Police Arrest Suspect in Hillsborough Street Crime Spree

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RALEIGH — A crime wave on Hillsborough street may finally be over.Raleigh Policesay they have caught one of the people responsible.

Kenneth Wayne Jackson is charged with two robberies and police say he is a suspect in several others.

"[Jackson] and an accomplice were responsible for the robbery of two individuals who were on Hillsborough Street or going to their cars or parking lots in that area," says Capt. Mike Longmire of the Raleigh Police Department.

Jackson's face has been plastered on posters along Hillsborough Street since a rash of robberies began in January.

News of the arrest is a relief to people who live and work in the Hillsborough Street area.

Dawn Alexander says she was afraid to walk alone while an armed suspect was on the loose.

"I think it's great that they've made an arrest. It makes me feel safe to come around here," says Alexander.

Police are also calling Jackson a suspect in the shooting and attempted robbery of an N.C. State student in January.

Dominic Obermillerwas leaving a Hillsborough Street bar when two men demanded money from him. One of the men shot Obermiller in the leg as he ran from them.

Police believe the shooting and the Hillsborough Street robberies are part of a crime spree committed by Jackson and an accomplice last month.

"They are known to frequent that area," says Longmire. "Mr. Jackson resided at one time over in the Gorman Street area near the university and we've placed him in the Chamberlain area during that time period."

Raleigh police say Jackson is also a suspect in some similar crimes that happened on the N.C. State campus.

Police are continuing their search for Jackson's accomplice.