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Fort Bragg Guardsmen Return From Kuwait

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About 172 guardsmen will be returning to Fort Bragg in the next two days.(WRAL-TV5 News)
FORT BRAGG — It is a warm, and long-awaited homecoming for someNational Guardtroops. They were stationed in Kuwait, and they just arrived back in North Carolina.

The guardsmen reunited with their families Wednesday afternoon. They had one of the most dangerous missions in the Gulf for the last six months.

They were conducting live-fire training exercises in Kuwait just 40 miles from the Iraqi border.

Because of security reasons, the guardsmen had only limited contact with their families. That made the reunion much more special.

Their loved ones knew that tensions in that area of Kuwait had been heightened for quite some time, so it has been a long six months.

About 172 guardsmen will be returning toFort Braggin the next two days. There will be a ceremony on Sunday to honor them all.