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Teens Hurt After Racing Cars Down a Busy Cary Street

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CARY — When you think of drag racing, a rural road or a race track probably come to mind, but police say over the weekend, a busy street inCarywas the scene of an accident caused by teens racing.

Some teens say this type of high speed recklessness may be more common than most people think.

Police say drag racing down one of Cary's busiest streets is very unusual. But some say drag racing in general is as popular as ever among teenagers.

The thrill of racing is not limited to drivers who do it for a living.Cary policesay an accident late Friday night is the result of teenage drivers racing down a busy street.

It is estimated one of the cars was going at least 80 miles per hour through an intersection before crashing into a utility pole a few yards away.

"I have some friends that like to do it," said Justin McCarty.

McCarty says racing is not foreign to students atCary High School.

"It's bragging rights I guess. Bragging rights they have to be able to say 'I beat you,'" said McCarty.

Bragging rights almost cost the 18-year-old driver, Jonathan Partin, and his 16-year-old passenger, Lisa Weaver, their lives. Cary police say if the drivers would have hit another car instead of a utility pole, the circumstances may have been worse.

"It's obviously something that concerns us greatly. Anytime we have young drivers who are very inexperienced that drive in this type of manner, it concerns us greatly," said Eric Smith of the Cary Police Department.

Police have charged the hospitalized driver with spontaneous racing and speeding among other charges. They're still looking for the second driver in this drag racing incident.

That driver would face similar charges in addition to fleeing the scene of an accident.

Weaver is in stable condition, and Partin is in serious but stable condition. Both are at Wake Medical Center.


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