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Winter's a Win-Win for Builders, Buyers

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HOPE MILLS — The calendar says winter, but the weather seems more like spring -- and that has lead to a win-win situation for homebuilders and buyers.

Many houses are being finished significantly faster than usual.

The mild temperatures and lack of rain mean construction crews can report for work just about every day.

At the Birch Creek subdivision in Cumberland County, new houses are weeks ahead of schedule. The usual winter schedule estimates it takes 120 days to finish a house; 90 days are allotted for summer schedules. Houses are Birch Creek are running two months ahead.

This makes Chris Bledsoe a happy builder.

"By having them further along, it lets people have a better idea of how the finished house will look." And that means faster sales.

Concrete finisher Terry Long says his winter business has been rock solid.

He cannot lay concrete in temperatures below 35 degrees, but he has rarely struggled with low temperatures this winter.

"We can work later, start earlier. It just makes a difference in everything we do. Time wise, all the days are longer. You complete more work. You stay on schedule," said Long.

Crews are also pleased.

Construction work in winter is spotty at best, given the weather. And crews are paid only when they work. The steady paycheck has been welcome.

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