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Dealers Say Gun Ruling Targets Wrong People

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RALEIGH — A landmark case in New York this week found gun makers liable for shooting deaths. Three cities and one county in the country have filed suits against the gun industry, and the verdict has people on both sides of the barrel talking.

One local dealer thinks it could set a dangerous precedent for manufacturers of any kind.

"Who's to say next that they won't be suing the automobile manufacturers for an automobile that a bad guy picked up and ran over someone on the street," says Mike Tilley, owner of the Personal Defense and Handgun Safety Center.

David Craig can't believe the ruling will stand. "I don't think they can allow this to stand without somebody appealing and repealing it," Craig says, "but New York has a mind of its own."

Mike Myers was murdered by someone using a gun. His mother Shirley Myers is in favor of stronger regulations, but she doesn't blame manufacturers for the tragedy.

"I have a philosophy that guns do not kill people," Myers says, "people with guns in their hands are the ones who are doing all the killing."

The criminals are the ones who should be targeted, Tilley says. "It's very regulated for the law-abiding citizen. The complaint talked about outlaws with guns," Tilley says, "I think that pretty much says it all."

Groups that support the right to bear arms have responded to the verdict by lobbying state legislatures across the country to pass laws prohibiting this type of lawsuits.

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