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American Airlines Slowdown Cancels Flights at RDU

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RDU INTERNATIONAL — A federal judge has ordered pilots for American Airlines to end a sickout that has stranded thousands of passengers across the country, including many atRDU International.

Thirteen flights were cancelled Wednesday at RDU, including seven departures.

"I have to get out of this town and I'm concerned because I have a 4:00 flight in New York and I've just got to make it," traveler Steve Demastrie says.

RDU is no longer anAmerican Airlineshub, but the airport is host to 32 flights in and out every day. The ripple effect of the slowdown is being felt in a wave of cancellations, mostly connecting flights to Dallas and Chicago.

Airport Spokesman Mike Blanton says other airlines are picking up the slack. "When it comes to a situation like this, they do work together. I know that American has put in some procedures to try to make getting connections together for passengers much easier," Blanton says.

All of the travelers need to make arrangements to get out of town, but some passengers are taking the delays in stride. "I was doing a favor for my mother, that's why I came here, so there was no business, no stress. I'll be traveling tonight at six instead of at noon," says Keith Thibodeau."

For more information about American Airlines flights, call (800) 433-7300.

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