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New Standards for Physically Fit Soldiers

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FORT BRAGG — Staying in shape is tough! It just got tougher for older members of the military, and easier for young soldiers.

Soldiers push themselves to the limit and now the military is setting new limits.

The test standards were just revamped for the first time in 20 years. It has become harder for older, more experienced, soldiers to make perfect scores on physical training tests. Maximum standards for the younger, newer, soldiers have been lowered.

Critics say the young soldiers are getting off easy but others say, "Who cares what's on paper? The goal should be the same."

Soldiers take a PT test every six months. It measures their physical fitness and makes sure they stay in shape.

The new standards are also more challenging for women because leaders say many women, including Capt. Tonya Cody, were surpassing the maximum standards.

"I feel like what the Army's done is taken a look at the capabilities of both sexes and made sure, based on our physical condition, we are all challenged to the utmost," Cody says.

A personal mission of fitness to prepare for the ultimate mission of war.

The new test standards went into effect February 1. They were based on a five-year scientific study.


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