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Cary Residents Approve Three Parts of $149 Million Bond Package

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CARY — Cary residentsapproved three out of four proposals in a$149 million bond packageTuesday.
  • 76 percent 59 percent 69 percent 53 percentagainsta new aquatic center.
  • Supporters of the bond celebrated as the election returns came in. Steve Glass of Citizens for Cary says the bonds voters approved will allow the town's infrastructure to catch up with its growth.

    "We'll be able to work on some of the infrastructure around Cary that would otherwise not be addressed for quite some time, if at all," Glass said.

    Residents who voted "yes" on theroads,parksandwaterbonds say the improvements are long overdue.

    "A lot of things need to be done in Cary," says voter Don Holloway. "It takes a lot of money to do those things, and we're a little behind in Cary, so I guess we have to catch up now."

    Theaquatic center bondfailed, with 53 percent voting against it. It is the the second time Cary residents have voted against building a facility like Raleigh's Pullen Park Aquatic Center. A similar measure was defeated in 1994.

    "I have some reservations on the swimming pool," says voter John Raymond. "I didn't have one when I grew up, and I made it through life. I'm not sure we need one now."

    The aquatic center vote was close, failing by just 6 percent. Some supporters say that proves there is still a lot of support out there for the project.

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