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Police Arrest Kidnapping Suspect, Continue Search for Accomplice

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RALEIGH — Georgia police arrested a man Wednesday night that Raleigh authorities say impersonated a police officer and preyed on people with disabilities.

Investigators say Tony Tisdale, and an accomplice, met their victim while he was walking near North Hills Mall in Raleigh. They say Tisdale was wearing civilian clothes, but told the victim that he and his accomplice were police officers.

Detectives say they forced the victim to go to his own home, located in a nearby neighborhood along Six Forks Road. Once there, the suspects allegedly stole the victim's car, with the victim inside.

"Over the next 16 to 17 hours they kept him in their custody," says Raleigh Police Lt. Bill Gardner. "They called his wife several times throughout the night demanding bond money."

Gardner says Tisdale has been arrested for many crimes in the past, but with this crime he has stooped to a new low.

"The victim is mentally handicapped, as is his wife," Gardner said. "They're basically preying on people who are susceptible to this sort of thing."

The victim was able to escape when he grabbed his car keys and drove away unharmed, leaving the suspects behind.

Police continue to search for the second suspect in the case. andJulie Moos

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