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Fayetteville Police Hold Meeting to Help Neighborhoods Help Themselves

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FAYETTEVILLE — In the first half of last year, crime in Fayetteville dropped 17 percent. Police are enlisting the help of residents to clean up what's left. People who live in one neighborhood met with officers and are ready to do their part.

Police held their first-ever zone meeting Tuesday night, and they tackled perhaps the toughest zone: Murchison Road. But they believe efforts like this will go a long way toward making neighborhoods safe once again.

Every weeknight when the police department's emergency response team conducts its drug shakedowns, Murchison Road is a regular stop. People who live there want an end to the violence.

Police say meetings like Tuesday night's could help. The meetings allow the public to discuss concerns and possible solutions with police officers.

Resident Jesse Kirkland supports the meetings. "Everybody would know then what's going on within that area," Kirkland says. "And when you stay at home you don't know what's going on. And when you go in your house at six in the afternoon, close the door and pull the blinds down, you just gave the open neighborhood to the crook."

Resident Judsom Morton agrees. "The police are there to help and we have to help ourselves and that's exactly what we're trying to do," Morton says.

"I think our biggest problem is the prostitutes and the crack houses and the dope addicts," says resident Moses Best.

Police say their goal is to fill the meetings with residents who can help fight crime. "I think it could make a tremendous difference," says Officer Frank Kinzer of the Fayetteville Police Department. "I think we'd see about a 95 to 98 percent change in the activity of that area alone."


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