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Local Fans React to Super Bowl XXXIII

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RALEIGH — The Wall Street Journal reports that the number of people watching NFL football games has dropped 25 percent in the past decade or so.

Still local bars were packed Sunday evening as fans watched the Denver Broncos take on the Atlanta Falcons in Superbowl XXXIII.

Lin Dawson played tight end for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX back in 1985. He says the game is still strong, but when it comes to the last two weeks of January, the players may not be so strong.

"You've got the marketing machine starting up, and the players are even worn out by the time the Super Bowl comes around," Dawson says.

The graphics may be slicker, and the game may not be the same but these loyal football fans can't keep their eyes off Super Bowl XXXIII.

"Those guys are playing hard and I'm enjoying every minute of it," said one fan.