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New Industrial Park Could Keep Taxes Down

Posted January 30, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— Home owners are breathing a sigh of relief in Cumberland County because a new industrial park may help them avoid tax increases.

Economic leaders say the park should help lure more industries to the area. That would mean more jobs and a bigger tax base.

"We have to go and plan which shows our roadways, parcels, utility connections inside the park," said Keith Allison of the Fayetteville Area Economic Development. "We need to do this before we actually start to talk to various companies about where they can be located in the facility."

The county's first industrial park opened up for business a little more than a decade ago. It's now a hotbed of activity with 12 companies already locating here. Only three sites are left. County leaders say they'll aggressively recruit more industry which in turn would benefit property owners.

"Every new industry that comes into Cumberland County as I said to you, the taxes they pay is a dollar or two that you and I and taxpayers who are here now don't have to pay," said Mac Tyson, Cumberland County commissioner. "It's just that simple."

The new park is located just a few miles from Interstate 95 and about six hotels. Economic leaders say that will make it even more attractive to industries looking to expand or relocate.

The county will pay $2.1 million to three property owners for the land.