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Does Domestic Violence Increase During the Super Bowl?

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RALEIGH — Athletes have often gone over the line taking out their aggression on someone off the field or court.

Some people think men who watch games on television do the same thing. In fact, many people believe domestic violence is more likely to happen during big matchups like theSuper Bowl. However, oneWake Countyspecialist says that is just a myth.

This Sunday the game will be exciting and the drinks may be flowing. With spirits running high, sometimes tempers can get hot.

"It's the most dangerous day of the year for women, thats the myth," says Amy Holloway, who is executive director of Wake County's domestic violence program.

"My feeling is women are probably safer because his mind is on something else," she said.

Holloway says domestic violence counselors will not have to answer more calls on Super Bowl Sunday, than they would on any other day.

"Do men whose teams lose the game abuse their wives? Yes, but would they do the same on any other Sunday, any other game," she said. "Yes, so to assume that they're any less safe is not a fair assumption."

And alcohol and sports alone, do not cause domestic violence.

"It would be great if we could make that connection," Halloway said. "We could end domestic violence by outlawing football and stopping alcohol consumption."

Holloway says an abusive person has a problem. It is not caused directly by alcohol. But for those with the problem, often times drinking makes it worse.


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