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Student Scientists Discover the Future

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FAYETTEVILLE — Nothing can compare to the way a child's face lights up at the moment of discovery. Those lights are burning brightly for some Fayetteville students who are discovering the world of invention.

Ninety Reid Ross middle schoolers have spent hours of their own time creating science projects. Wednesday night, they showed them off to their parents and teachers.

Parents appreciate the program. "I didn't do stuff like this when I was going to school," parent Janet Person says. "My daughter loves it. She comes home talking about it every night. She loves it."

"My daughter, you know most of the time she says 'Dad, I've got to stay after school for science,'" says Rod Lytch. "It's nice seeing them stay out of trouble."

Most of the students are learning skills that will help shape their career goals. They talk about becoming veterinarians and meteorologists.

Their teacher, Andrea Burns, gives up her free time as well.

"What do I want for my children? I want them to be successful. I want them to be scientists," Burns says. "I'm willing to invest quality time in what I want."

Burns says motivating the students is easy. "Science has to be fun. Our program after school has to be fun, fun."

Burns is a former national science teacher of the year.