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Chapel Hill Police Search for Rapist, Kidnapper

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CHAPEL HILL — Chapel Hill police are looking for a man suspected of kidnapping and raping a UNC-Chapel Hill student last weekend. They warn he is armed and dangerous.

"The perpetrator entered her vehicle through the passenger side of [the] car, and had in his a possession a sawed-off shotgun," says an investigating officer.

Police say the suspect kidnapped a female UNC student and forced her to drive her car from the streets of Chapel Hill's Northside neighborhood to a more secluded area where the rape took place.

Resident Christi Brittian, who has lived in Chapel Hill for 23 years, says the streets are not safe anymore. She says that a lot of the college students in her neighborhood celebrate at the Franklin Street bars, and then become easy targets for violence on the way home.

"Sometimes I see these girls walking by themselves, or just in groups of one or two, and they are just drunk out of their minds," she said.

Students say the campus shuttles do not run to the neighborhoods, and that they are only for on-campus living. Neighbors say they would like to see more street lights in the area to make it safer.

Chapel Hill police have released a composite sketch of the suspect they say is responsible for last weekend's off campus attack.