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Cary Wants Help In Paying For Its Perks

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CARY — Cary residents say they need more parks, more drinking water, better roads and new swimming pools. None of it is free.

Now, the town is playing cheerleader for a bond referendum to pay for it.

Cary's town council is making no secret of its unanimous support of a multi-million dollar bond issue to ease the problems with roads, water and parks.

Will people living there buy it, and how long will it be before your town asks for the same thing?

"We feel some responsibility to keep it a great place to live. We drink Cary water. We drive on Cary streets. We stop at Cary intersections. We walk on Cary sidewalks. We play in Cary parks," said resident Nellie Tomlinson.

The bond issue has $67 million for expanding Cary's water system, $62 million for adding roads and sidewalks, $10 million for parks and another $10 million for a swim center.

If approved, the bond issue will be one of the largest ever floated by a North Carolina town. In the end, it may not have everyone clapping.

"I think the public needs to know there is a possibility of an increase in taxes," said Mayor Koka Booth.

This may just be the price of growth. But one councilman says in the future, the town can do better.

"You need to come out and vote for those water bonds. We need to fix the problem that has been brought on by overbuilding. And then you need to come out and vote in the election next November to make sure that we do not overbuild again," said Councilman Glen Lang.

The town has spent $10,000 to make citizens aware of the bond referendum.


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