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Inspection Rules Change After Spider Ride Accident

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RALEIGH — The investigation into an accident at the Lee County fair last fall is complete.

Inspectors have determined metal fatigue caused extensive cracking in the spider ride. Seven people were hurt when an arm broke on the ride.

The owners will not be fined. But theDepartment of Laborhas written tougher rules to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Owners of such rides will be required to make sure they are using the proper safety bulletins when inspecting the rides. Labor officials say some owners are using outdated bulletins, or bulletins that are not geared toward the specific ride being tested.

Owners are required to do a complete battery of tests on their rides once a year. Owners usually do these inspections already during the winter months. Now, ride owners will have to send certification of these tests to the Department of Labor annually, including when and where these tests were conducted.

The Department of Labor routinely inspects rides when they've been broken down from one location and brought to another. Ride owners will now be required to make sure the rides are thoroughly cleaned for the inspections, so that cracks and other problems will be more visible to inspectors.