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Biker's Friends Revved Up Over Suspect's Driving Record

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FAYETTEVILLE — Cumberland County officials say Danny Deavers was killed by repeat drunk driver Antonio Speranza. Deavers' friends say "never again."

The victim's friends are mourning, but they're also angered that Speranza was able to get behind the wheel Sunday night. They pledge to follow Speranza through the court system to make sure he can't get behind the wheel of a car again.

They came to the courthouse on their motorcycles. Six of them wore white shirts to symbolize Speranza's six charges still pending in court this month.

The group attached copies of the admitted drug and alcohol user's criminal history to their shirts.

Deavers' friends say they'll be at every scheduled court date on that list involving Speranza.

They are looking to stop Speranza from driving again.

The repeat drunk driver was behind the wheel of a truck when it collided with Deavers' motorcycle and killed him. Speranza is now charged with second degree murder.

"It made me want to cry. Police had him three times. They should have kept him in jail the first time. Then he couldn't have killed Danny," said Deavers' friend John Garafone. "That could have been a family or children he ran into."

Speranza was scheduled to be in court Thursday on charges of driving without a license. The case was continued. Deavers' friends say their work will continue as well.

"I'm going to make sure this thing goes all the way, every time it happens," said Deavers' friend John Woodruff. "I will be here. I imagine the rest of my friends will be here with me."

Speranza's family members were also at the courthouse Thursday. His wife has continually said the fatal crash was an accident, and did not involve alcohol.

Speranza's family says they plan to hire an independent investigator to reconstruct the traffic scene.

Speranza's family says the accident was a side collision which proves he did not cross the center line. Police say the crash was head on.

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