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Adults, Children Experience the King Holiday Throughout the Triangle

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RALEIGH — Monday, people in Raleigh and around the country celebrated the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. He was one man who championed the cause of freedom for black Americans.

Monday was a day of parades, rallies and prayer breakfasts honoring King. But sometimes, the best way to take a look at a day like Monday is through the eyes of children.

The adults honored King in Durham. During a light, on and off rain, there was a steady and strong message: do not celebrate just one day, live year round in the memory of King.

In Raleigh, the message was "Let it Shine in '99." If our future is in our children, some parents wanted their kids to know the dream first-hand.

"Our church, some leaders and I got together and decided we wanted to bring them out so that they could see what Martin Luther King really went through. This means a whole lot to me especially because I'm able to participate and able to show my daughter what actually happened years ago," said parent Donald Webster.

Webster's 5-year-old daughter, Moriah, attended her first march Monday and got a pretty good grasp of the message.

"It wasn't fair to other people when the black people had to be treated non-fair," said Moriah Webster.

King's message was sent to all people. Many different children apparently heard what he said.

"Celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday, because he was a very special man," said 6-year-old Gabriella Kostrzema.

There were many different faces in the crowds Monday. That's something that might have made King very proud.

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