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NCSU Student Shot in Leg

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RALEIGH — A North Carolina State University student is recovering from a gunshot wound he got near a popular student hangout early Sunday morning.

Dominic Obermiller was shot in the leg after two men tried to rob him on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh.

Obermiller had just left the "Big Bad Wolf" dance club when he noticed the men waiting in some bushes.

"As soon as I walked past those bushes they said 'Give me your wallet,' and I thought they were panhandlers and that they were just trying to threaten me," said Obermiller. "So I just said no and I started walking faster."

When Obermiller refused to give up his wallet, one of the suspects shot him in the leg.

"The bullet went into the back of the leg. It hit the bone and broke it. It fragmented it somewhat and then it left a couple of steel metal splinters in there and then it came out of the front," said Obermiller.

Obermiller believed he was targeted because he was walking alone. Police say students should walk with friends when they go out on Hillsborough Street.

"Probably the best they can do is walk in groups and when confronted with a situation like this, the best thing probably to do is to comply with whatever the suspect is telling you to do," said a spokesman for the Raleigh police.

Obermiller will be on crutches for a while, but his leg is going to be fine. He plans to return to his classes in a few days, but he won't go back to Hillsborough Street. He says the popular hangout place is not safe for students.

"It's just too dangerous," he said.

Obermiller, who was released from the hospital late Sunday, is working with Raleigh police to create a composite sketch of the suspects.


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