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Harnett ALE Corks Massive Moonshine Still

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LILLINGTON — After three weeks of surveillance, Harnett County Alcohol Law Enforcement busted a major moonshine operation Friday.

ALE agents say the remote operation is one of the biggest they have seen in decades. They believe moonshine was being produced at the location for the past three months.

Investigators say they made the bust just before an 800 gallon shipment was headed to Washington, New Jersey and Philadelphia. However, they believe that was just a fraction of what was being produced.

"I believe it was about 3,000 gallons of finished product and about 9,000 of mash fuel," ALE Agent Vance Jackson said.

"The type vat that they were using was made out of galvanized tin and wood. I haven't seen one of those in 15 or 16 years," he said. "Every cooker we usually find now is made out of stainless steel."

It took agents about an hour to cut all of the milk jugs, pour out the white liquor, and smash the vats.

Two people are facing charges in the case, including the property owner. They are each facing four counts - all of them misdemeanors. ALE agents say it is about the equivalent of a speeding ticket.

Authorities say there was roughly $60,000 worth of moonshine at the location.