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Polls Show Many People Not Concerned with Impeachment

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RALEIGH — Polls show most Americans do not think the impeachment trial should be going on or do not care about the results. Here in North Carolina, that attitude scans all sectors of the population.

It's only the second impeachment trial in U.S. history. But for hog farmer Nash Johnson, it's one of the furthest things from his mind.

"We're busy with other things. We can't stop what we're doing to listen to the impeachment trial," said Johnson.

Johnson says he'll follow the trial from a distance. But with pork prices down to their lowest level in 40 years, he and other hog farmers are more concerned with the crisis affecting pork producers than the crisis affecting the Clinton presidency.

"If pork prices were at a break-even level or better, I think the impeachment trial would take a higher ranking. But certainly right now, they're just trying to stay in business," said Johnson.

And hog farmers aren't alone in their apathy for the trial.

Economists say the bull market on Wall Street is a sign that business people and investors are not too concerned with the trial, either. Even if it ends with Clinton's removal from office.

"Business people like what they see in terms of interest rates down, inflation low, economic growth. I think they'd be more concerned, quite frankly, ifAlan Greenspanwere to leave," said economist Mike Walden.

Economists say the impeachment trial could start having an impact on the stock market if it drags on for six months or more.

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