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Residents Throw Roadblocks in Way of Cary Parkway Extension

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CARY — Cary Parkway is one of the fastest ways to cut through congestion in the Triangle, but the road is not done. Long-range plans call for its completion, but a new detour could prevent the shortcut from being finished.

Eventually, the Cary Parkway is supposed to be a continuous road from Holly Springs Road to I-40. But some of those plans are running into serious roadblocks.

Some Cary residents are opposing the planned extension of the Cary Parkway just south of Umstead Park.

They say the road would destroy pristine farmland and open space that sits behind their homes.

"I have an office that looks out over the field and I enjoy seeing the cows graze at certain times of the year and the deer walk across the field," says resident Ann Sherwin. "I would really be sorry to see it go, so I hope it doesn't come this close, if it does come through."

Sherwin says she would oppose the parkway, and would definitely sign a petition.

Many of the residents who object to the plan live in Medfield Estates, which is right near where the proposed road could go.

The residents have a group backing them up called the Umstead Coalition. The coalition successfully opposed the Duraleigh connector in Raleigh.

Some Medfield residents, along with members of the Umstead Coalition, are expected to appear at a Cary Town Council meeting Thursday night to voice their opposition to the road.

Construction would not begin on that piece of the parkway extension until 2007. No money is currently set aside for it.

Cary residents will be voting on a bond referendum Feb. 2 which would create about $63 million for roads, but none of that money is earmarked for specific projects.